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One Day in Mecca

by Naima Natalie Bayton

Publisher - This Far By Faith Publishing

Category - General Novel

California Muslim Sakina Wade expects tranquility after her long-awaited hajj pilgrimage to exotic Mecca Saudi Arabia. Instead, she finds a body in the hotel elevator. Battling corporate crime, government corruption and diplomatic red tape Sakina, liberal Saudi Police Captain Ahmed Seeni and conservative African American security expert Amina Deloatch strive to crack the case before the killers slip away among millions of Muslims attending the annual hajj pilgrimage. Guided by two mystic Sufi shaykhs, the team tackles the difficult case while learning to flow easily between worlds – East and West, material and spiritual, dream and awake. Enjoy a satisfying murder mystery with 21st century Muslim detectives including feisty, independent women sleuths against the backdrop of international intrigue and Islamic mysticism.

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