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Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Leadership Dilemma

by Dzulkifli Abdul Razak

Publisher - Penerbit USIM

Category - Finance & Investments

Delaila Abdullah ey. al. in reviewing the concepts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Malaysian government's initiative to promote it among youth (Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Special Issues, December 2017) raised some pertinent questions. These include the level of readiness "to live and breathe 4IR." Or the level of comfort having robots to do "the house chores"; and the availability of resources to support such lifestyle as Malaysia approaches the high-income status by 2020. According to the researches, "the answer lies in how effective the Government program (sic) is in educating the public on the importance of accepting the Fourth Industrial Revolution as the way forward. Indeed, these are among the many issues discussed in this volume. It is intended to open an even wider scope and perspective in deliberating on the options to arrive at some meaningful decisions. In this way, the hope is to create more in-depth discourses at least at the appropriate balance can be more forthcoming in deciding on a highly complex issue.

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