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Ideal Green Homes: Understanding The Needs of Malaysian House Buyers

by Mohd Wira Mohd Shafiei, Radzi Ismail, Ilias Said, Omar Osman

Publisher - Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penerbit Universiti Sai

Category - General Academics

Public interest and concern about climate change has been mounting steadily in recent years. Fully aware that the issue significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, the housing industry has been actively promoting property developers to build environmentally conscious houses for the buyers. While the topic has generated interest from various parties in the housing sector, there remain questions about the green phenomenon, particularly pertaining to the economic demand and supply of the housing market. This book seeks to provide an understanding of how the green homes agenda fits in with the needs of both the supplier and buyer sides of the market. The housing developers could only build the right green homes for the house buyers once they understand what the buyers really want. To provide prevalence of green homes to the buyers, there is a need to develop a green homes assessment framework that could integrate community design and planning, efficient usage of resources, use of alternative resources, natural system, protection and safety, and reusing and recycling of materials factors. This framework could be the answer to solve a multitude of problems in building, and subsequently propels the development of green homes in the Malaysian housing industry.

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